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Kimou Environmental Holding Limited (the “Group”), which Commences Trading on Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 16th July 2019,stock code 06805.HK, is a developer and operator of large-scale electroplating industrial parks in the PRC. Active in exploring and putting into practice its expertise in electroplating industrial park operation, The Group owns three large electroplating industrial parks in the PRC –Huizhou Longxi Environmental Electroplating Industrial Park, Tianjin Bingang Electroplating Industrial Base and Central China Surface Treatment Recycling Economy Industrial Park.


Huizhou Park covers an area of approximately 440,000㎡, with an electroplating wastewater treatment capacity of 10,000 tonnes per day. Tianjin Base is planned for a site area of approximately 980,000㎡,with an planed electroplating wastewater treatment capacity of 20,000 tonnes per day. Jingzhou Park is planed for a site area of approximately 650,000㎡, with an planed electroplating wastewater treatment capacity of 27,000 tonnes per day. All of the Parks remained dedicated to its core business of electroplating wastewater treatment, insisting on tackling systematically pollution resulting from electroplating and offering related management services to electroplating companies, developing with innovation ways to help the electroplating industry protect the environment.


Parks of The Group categorize and collect the wastewater from the enterprises, then use different techniques in centralized handling electroplating wastewater, including physiochemical and biochemical process, ion exchange, double membrane treatment and advanced oxidation etc, achieving the recycling of electroplating wastewater and compliance of discharge standards as well as To achieve the recycling and standard discharge of electroplating wastewater, and making contributions to the improvement of local water quality and air quality and sustainable economic development. Meanwhile, the Parks innovate and optimize management service mode constantly, to provide one-stop butler services for the enterprises in the Parks and,And to help assist them in all aspects to improve their improving production management level and increase economic benefits.


The Group has long-standing relationship – cooperation and exchange – with scientific research education institutions and cooperative partners, with the goal of turning into practical applications the fruits of its R&D work in relation to electroplating technology, equipment and raw materials as well as wastewater treatment techniques and chemicals, ultimately help foster continuous healthy development of enterprises.


The Group owns two national-grade “High and New Technology Enterprise”, and 44 intellectual property rights have been approved. Huizhou Park and Tianjin Base have earned many awards and titles including the Industrial Park Innovative Management Award, Social Responsibility Contribution Award, Science and Technology Award of China Surface Engineering Industry, Tianjin Scientific and Technological Enterprises, China Electroplating Demonstration Park and Intensive Management Demonstration Park. And successfully held the fourth and fifth China Electroplating Industrial Park Construction and Operation Forum at Huizhou Industrial Park and Tianjin Industrial Base respectively.


The Group Holding fast to the philosophy of maintaining harmony between mankind and nature and achieving sustainable economic development, the Group has been active in saving energy and reducing emissions, helping promote a recycling economy, doing its part significant in contributing to protecting the local environment and green economic development.



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